We are excited to be part of the Elephant Family & are donating 100% of the Elephant Necklace Profit to the Elephant Family October 23 2015

At Elephant Family, we believe our world is worth sharing. And in Asia, that means protecting endangered elephants and preserving their natural habitat.

Asian elephants are amongst the world’s most magnificent and threatened species. But sadly the future for this iconic animal is under threat.

Elephants are amongst the smartest animals, they have for example an amazing Memory. We just love them and want to help as much as possible. 

We are fighting for Asian Elephants so that they don´t loose their natural Habitat but we will also continue to fight against Ivory Trading and Poaching, as every Elephant and every Animal has the right to live in freedom and peacefully. 

Please help us fighting for what we believe in! Through purchasing your Elephant Necklace we will be donating 100% of its Profit to the Elephant Family.