Picked by the Alexander McQueen SARABANDE Foundation as the Next Emerging Designer November 09 2015

When I met Shaun Leane at the IJL 2015 Show and he loved my Jewellery, I was so humbled and amazed, as he & Alexander McQueen are one of my Inspirations.
Little did I know, that when Shaun Leane said, let´s stay in touch, he really meant it and that he would put me forward to the SARABANDE Alexander McQueen Foundation as the next emerging Designer. A couple of weeks later he called me as one of the Patrons of the Foundation saying that they had picked me and believe my Jewellery is the next big thing. I am so thankful, happy and can´t believe it. I am looking forward to have Shaun Leane as my new Mentor and I will work even harder to make Coco´s Liberty a success. Thank you everyone, especially the Sarabande Alexander McQueen Foundation for believing in my Jewellery and in me! I am super excited and grateful! Xx